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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Extrigs!?

Extrigs! Global Network Limited (Extrigs!) is a multi-solution and technology consulting firm that combines processes which decrease inefficiency with innovative technology to deliver quality services to its clients. We work together with our clients towards building an advanced problem solving outcome.

What does Extrigs! do?

We deliver a broad range of educational, marketing, accounting and digital solutions, and powerful and innovative software and web apps, backed by technology, business and industrial analytics and consulting services that help create the best relationship between our clients, their customers, employees and the society at large.

Where is Extrigs! located?

Head Office: AA Salisu Plaza, Opposite Jimete Modern Market Gate One, Next to Zenith Bank PLC, Adamawa State, Nigeria. Contact Us: +2347067548859; info@extrigs.com; www.extrigs.com

What is a Coding Bootcamp?

A coding bootcamp is a technical training program that teaches the programming skills that employers are looking for. Coding bootcamps enable students with little coding profiency to focus on most important aspects of coding and immediately apply their new coding skills to solve real-world problems.

Is Extrigs! BootCamp expensive?

The bootcamp is affordable and the payment plan is structured in two ways:

  1. one time off payment
  2. instalments of 50%, 25%, and 25% payments.

Why should I attend this bootcamp?

This bootcamp is designed in a way to make you enterprise ready through hands on one on one teaching by skilled professionals.

Is the learning pattern convenient for me?

Yes, the learning pattern is structured in a way that class schedules are not choked up, therefore giving room for proper accimilation of the subject topic.

What do I stand to gain from this Bootcamp?

During the boot camp, you will be exposed and guided to solve real-world project. You will also be oppotuned to build your own projects. Furthermore, a certificate will be issued to you signifying you area of skill and performance and you will also be given some of the professional bonuses that will make your new found career worthwhile.

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