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Photo Credit: Pixabay.Com Extrigs! BootCamp Series Step Forward From theory to practical coding. A journey into the future you've ever wanted! Enroll A Lifetime Opportunity to be trained by seasoned professionals in a 4-month intensive and flexible software engineering career.

About Extrigs! BootCamp

At Extrigs! BootCamp you have an opportunity to be trained by seasoned professionals in a 4-month software engineering career.

Practical Coding

We expose you into a realistic and real-time programming and software experience. Aren't you tired of the theory base knowledge?

Seasoned Professionals

Software career is better off with professionals and experienced mentors whom have acquired a core level of experience in the field with more than many successful projects.

Intensive and Flexible

Our dedicated team knows the field of career that's best and demanding in the present society, and have come up with courses you won't like to miss out. But it's advisable you pick only one course.

Idealistic Duration

Running a professional program is time demanding, and therefore requires an idealistic time frame. Four months is a moderate duration to acquire a professional base knowledge for any given software engineering career.

Affordable Cost

The cost of perfecting a professional career program has never been easily affordable. But to bring it up at your finger tip, we came up out with a fair cost and payment plan.

Why This BootCamp?

Photo Credit: Pixabay.Com

Our comprehensive software engineering courses can take you from a baby designer to an advanced developer.

Training and montorship by certified and experience trainers with more than many successful projects.

Extrigs! BootCamp ensures industrial and corporate tie-ups for live projects for student.

Live project based training and internships for the period of BootCamp.

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